Sola Scriptura: The Best Doctrine Jesus Never Heard Of (part two)

The funny thing about the doctrine of sola scriptura that places so much authoritative weight on the Bible is that you really cannot make a book authoritative in and of itself. Books must be read. And here is where the fallible human component comes in. Do we really think that we can just pick up the Bible, read a passage, and then plan accordingly? Who determines what the Bible says and how it functions in authority any way? Was the Bible meant to be considered as authoritative as we have made it out to be? Is there any authority outside of the Bible for Christians?

This leaves us with a few avenues to explore:
What kind of documents do we find in the Bible and how are we to understand them?
What kind of authority was the Bible meant to have?
Who determines what the Bible has to say?
What is the Bible’s role in the church today?

There may be more questions, but I think that’s a good start. Unless we can faithfully deal with this issue, we are left with a mess like those described by Rachelle.