Bloglines: From Afghanistan to Ireland

This morning I wanted to take a little tour of the world via my bloglines news reader . . .

    Afghan on trial for Christianity: “The trial of Abdul Rahman reflects the struggle between religious hardliners and reformists over what shape Islam will take in Afghanistan.”

    You Are What You Post: My thanks to Jordon Cooper on this one. I don’t think that kids realize how serious it can be to post embarrassing information on the internet. When I was 14 or 15 my friend and I published some stupid story for his fledgling web zine. The article is still out there somewhere. It’s amazing to see what seemed a good idea over 10 years ago.

    Grow Your Own Oil, U.S.: Bio-oil can be made from almost any organic material, including agricultural and forest waste like corn stalks and scraps of bark. Converting the raw biomass into bio-oil yields a product that is easy to transport and can be processed into higher-value fuels and chemicals.

    Vintage Saints: Saint Patrick: A well-written narrative of “Saint” Patrick. “Technically, Saint Patrick is not even a saint as he was never canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. Additionally, Patrick was not even Irish. Rather, he was an Englishman who was a Roman citizen that spoke Latin and a bit of Welsh.”

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