Mere Mission

My friend Todd, a pastor north of Philadelphia in the burbs, has begun a new web site called Mere Mission. Todd is passionate about an intentionally missional approach to ministry. Not only is he involved in going out to the world, he also has a cool vision for his church, the Well.

Just shooting from the hip, I can tell you that Todd and his congregation have done everything possible to create a space for the community. They provide a cafe setting with wifi, host concerts of every variety (I mean, even punk high school stuff), and art exhibitions. The place is decked out with Ikea furniture and they are exploring some new forms of worship. They even have paints on hand usually.

In any case, back to mere mission. Todd has a passion for a missiological approach to Christianity. One outlet for this is meremission. The site will have a blog, articles, and a reading list. I hope to get over there soon and begin posting.

A good place to start is Todd’s post on What it Means to be Missional.