Mere Mission and Church Invitations

I made my first post over at Mere Mission and tried to stir the pot a little with a different look at mission. When you think of mission, the words go or sent should come up. Often though we assume the invite or come are good enough. I personally have had it with people inviting me to church but not caring about me in the least. While I’m not anti-invite, I am anti-invite only. I actually think that if we simply told people about what God’s doing and let them meet God in other venues more comfortable to them, they may eventually take the step toward church. And if church is not their thing, how can we bring church to people?

Here’s a link to my post. There are some good replies to my post that offer both a view from a perspective that may hold to higher ecclesiology than myself and a view that offers some good clarification. Good times for all. My thanks to Todd for setting up this site.

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