Sugar Shack Open House

<%image(20060326-maple bucket 1.jpg|206|275|maplebucket)%> Vermont, the maple syrup capital of the US, is in the middle of sugaring season. It’s that wonderful time of year when the nights are cold and the days are warm, causing the clear sap to flow out of the maple trees. The sap is collected in buckets or in tubes that lead to large holding tanks, and then it is boiled down.

This weekend there is an open house for all of the sugar shacks. We have had a lot of maple syrup and maple-related products such as maple sugar, maple spread, maple cookies, maple brownies, and a maple ice cream shake. It’s just fantastic. I’ll have more pictures to come, but here are a few to start off.

<%image(20060326-maple bucket 2.jpg|275|206|maple bucket 2)%>

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