Best Online Spoofs via Wired News

<%image(20060401-gas.jpg|300|220|gas)%> Wired news has a list of the best internet spoofs. One relative of mine fell for the cookie one and even made the cookies. The recipe was quite good even if the story was completely made up. The one about the guy threatening to kill a bunny unless money is sent to him is kind of reminiscent of that old UHF movie where the Texas car salesman threatens to club a baby seal unless you come down to buy a car today. Number two on the Wired list is my choice for first prize: DHMO Kills. Here’s the scoop:

“Dihydrogen monoxide kills: Craig Jackson created a website in 1994 campaigning against dihydrogen monoxide, and it went downhill from there. People are still susceptible to this hoax; not long ago it was added to the agenda for discussion at a city council meeting in Aliso Viejo, California. Reportedly, a paralegal saw some warnings online and became concerned. Penn and Teller did a bit on their show where they tried to get environmentalists to sign a petition outlawing the stuff.” link