Have You Picked Up Your “I-Bod” Yet

I-Bod’s are the next technology that will take our world by storm. While I would not test an I-Bod’s effectiveness by ingesting rat poison, I think it’s a great way to exercise without leaving the couch with the lap top set up. The theologian who shares his doubts in the following NPR story is clearly out to lunch . . .

NPR’s report of the I-Bod

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2 thoughts on “Have You Picked Up Your “I-Bod” Yet

  1. Drew Moser

    Ed–Drew Moser here…Yeah, that’s me. I study at DenSem with Newton. Is this the Ed from 2CW at Taylor? Anyway, nice blog…looks like we’re in similar situations in life, in very different cultures. That’s the beauty of emerging, isn’t it?

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