“Hazarding” Kelly Stand Road in “Mud” Season

<%image(20060403-March-April 2006 015.jpg|188|250|kelly stand road)%>It’s not supposed to be this way. Everyone says so. And yet, here it is: mud season without mud. It’s been an odd year in Vermont. We arrived here at the end of June and so far it’s been:

Summer with humidity
Fall without foliage
Winter without snow
Mud Season without mud

All of this should not be so. I am currently preparing for a Spring without flowers . . . And the locals say that these darned to heck gypsey moths are gonna hit the trees again this summer, chew up the leaves, and leave bar branches for the fall. It’s almost enough to make me advocate blanketing the state in pesticides. Not really. But I’m closer than I ever was.

In any case, here is a short photographic run down of our day out yesterday along Kelly Stand Road that should have been a mud pit, but wasn’t. I’ve never been on a road quite like this. It basically begins in the town of Arlington, runs up into the foothills of the Green Mountains through the town of Sunderland where it begins a relatively steep ascent up the mountains. It’s a narrow, winding road that is closed for most of the year, but can be used in summer and early fall. The stream that runs alongside it is wonderful and camp sites abound. We will be spending a lot of time on this road.

<%image(20060403-March-April 2006 012.jpg|250|188|kelly stand rd2)%>

<%image(20060403-March-April 2006 014.jpg|210|250|kelly stand rd3)%>

<%image(20060403-March-April 2006 017.jpg|250|188|kelly stand rd4)%>

<%image(20060403-March-April 2006 018.jpg|250|188|kelly stand rd5)%>

<%image(20060403-March-April 2006 024.jpg|250|184|kelly stand rd6)%>