Relaxed Thoughts on Evangelism

We had a really relaxing weekend. Beautiful weather made it nice for hiking and walking, but we also spent a good deal of time loafing around the house. This gave me some time to think a bit more about evangelism in light of the discussions I had last week with some other bloggers about the merits and potential pitfalls of Internet Evangelism day. I think that I’m not so much worried about IE Day as I am worried about the state of the church in relation to evangelism. Are we in the midst of a crisis?

I can only speak for the little chunks of space that I currently occupy and previously occupied, so take me with a grain of salt. My own view is that we are in the midst of an evangelism crisis. There are a couple of factors that may be causing this.

An incomplete Gospel that leaves us uninspired and unchanged, thereby leaving us unmotivated to share it with others.

A disconnect from the world since we are immersed in an expanding Christian sub-culture.

An inability to relate with the world because of cultural disconnects (eg. overreliance on strategy, sales techniques, and preaching at people when society communicates and relates in other forms).

In a general sense, we have forgotten how to live in the world as a redeeming presence. End times theology that relies heavily on the rapture has poisoned our view of this world and created an escapist mentality. We no longer know how to live in the world and love others without an agenda.

The last one really gets me. I am really perplexed by my tendency to be driven by an agenda. In one sense I want everyone I meet to know Jesus, but in another sense, I think it’s really horrible to stake people out and try to lure them in to Jesus. This is one area where I believe the propensity to push people to evangelism in the church without love has really done a lot of harm. How can we hold out Jesus without making acceptance of him a condition for relationship??? That is a tough nut to crack. Two people could do almost the exact same actions, but their inner hearts and motivations could be completely different.

In any case, I’m pondering the possibility of doing a series of posts on the state of evangelism in the church. What do you think? Is my list off base or on target? I don’t want to go on and on if I don’t have a clear picture of things.

As an added bonus, here are a few pictures of our bunny Bailey. He relaxed with us this past weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Relaxed Thoughts on Evangelism

  1. Todd

    ed, i think this is a great list…especially the last one! oh, i think this would be a great post for our group blog…of course, without the bunnies!

  2. Ed Post author

    Hey pal, the bunnies are part of the package.

    Is it Kosher to post on this both here and on Mere Mission? Or should I just pick one?

  3. Todd

    i think it is kosher to post on both, you might mention that it was originally posted here if you want…but i think its pertinent to our conversation so go for it…

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