Jill Carroll Returns Home

<%image(20060404-jillisreunited.jpg|300|197|jillreunited)%>There are a lot of hostages I have been praying for lately, and now it is wonderful to see the return of Jill Carroll. As the length of her captivity increased, I only feared for the worst. It seemed that her captors had nothing to gain by keeping her alive. And yet she is now free.

From what I understand, Jill was a very courageous reporter who wanted to report on the sufferings of the Iraqi people. She immersed herself in the culture and passed up on luxuries and security measures in order to capture the most authentic stories.

What struck me in particular was her statement shortly after being released:

“I finally feel like I am alive again. I feel so good,” Carroll said Sunday. “To be able to step outside anytime, to feel the sun directly on your face — to see the whole sky. These are luxuries that we just don’t appreciate every day.” via: here, here, and here.

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