Out of Town

We’ll be out of town for a few days, so the blog may be silent from my end until Tuesday. Of course it may rain, and then I’ll be tempted to post a little bit, but no promises.

Before running, here is a thought from Good Friday.

For the first time in a while I worked all day on a Good Friday. It was kind of strange. At first it felt fairly “un-sacred.” My day was rushed and very busy. In the afternoon I found myself slowing down a little and thinking of Jesus and his sufferings. While it would have been nice to just sit in a quiet church and think these thoughts, it was also very relevant to work and think of Jesus. In a sense, the cross was intense work for him and it certainly pushed him to the limit. Oddly enough, my working was an appropriate means of meditation to ponder on Jesus. You could say that this is the beauty of being the temple of the living God. The Spirit brings God to us at all times.

For some excellent thoughts on the Easter story, my friend JR has a post on The Ironies of the Easter Story. Not only do I commend JR for this post, I also approve of his new color selection for his blog. It’s a bit easier on the eyes!

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