Left Behind: No Child Left Behind

The teachers in the state of Vermont have spoken: No Child Left Behind is failing. The teachers are almost unanimous in their take on this. Many feel the pressure of preparing kids of the test, such as investing inordinate amounts of time in subjects like math and english to the neglect of other courses that would provide a more rounded education.

Read about the thumbs down from the teachers in the Bennington Banner.

I personally think that this law was a mistake from day one. Standardized tests are just one of the ways we can track the effectiveness of education. This law makes the test “it”. I know that many teachers called it, “No Child Left Untested.” While my wife was working in the ritzy schools of the Philly burbs, many teachers didn’t even take the law seriously because its expectations were so unrealistic. They knew it wouldn’t happen according to the letter of the law, so they just didn’t worry about it. How can so many teachers know what the current administration doesn’t??? Same old, same old I guess: pride prompts an unwillingness to listen to the advice of those outside of the inner circle. Sounds like a lot of that is going around these days, eh Donald?

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