The Normal Christian Life . . . is messy

“Cursed prosperity Gospel . . .” I muttered to myself. I was driving home from Philly last night and was griping internally about some stuff going on at my work place. I knew it wasn’t right, and so I began to pray, asking God what was going on. While his response wasn’t, “I’m doing this to you, enjoy,” I was impressed with the thought that he is in the business of delivering his people from sin and reorienting their hearts. His means are not always gentle.

So in a sense, God is into delivering us from evil, torment, suffering, etc. And in another sense, he will lead us right into hard times because he wants to alleviate . . . suffering. Huh? In my head, it works like this: God wants to get rid of pride, selfishness, etc., all things that cause myself and others suffering. And so in exposing and removing these qualities that threaten my focus on him and the joy he gives, God will use the most effective means to reform his people. It’s not a new lesson by any stretch, but it is worth repeating to myself over and over and over.

A reason to gripe is also a reason to worship.