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<%image(20060425-sudan.gif|203|152|sudan)%>The sluggish response of the international community to the violence in the Darfur region of Sudan is coming with a heavy price. Not only are thousands of people continuing to suffer attacks and hunger, the neighboring country of Chad has been destablized in the process. This means that Chad’s president has become increasingly resentful of the presence of so many refugees in the eastern part of his country. Sadly, the Sudanese refugees now have no place to go. Here’s a short collection of links related to this story, as well as some other notables in the world:

From NPR
Refugees from Border Wars Crowd Chad Village

From the BBC
Rebels and robbers rampage in eastern Chad
UN to vote on Sudanese sanctions
Chad capital’s scars of battle
This last article is from April 13th, but it helps provide some context for the continuing struggle between the government and rebels in the nation of Chad.

Other Links:
30 Are Killed in Sinai as Bombs Rock Egyptian Resort City
This is particularly heart-breaking because Dahab is such a quaint, peaceful village.
Blogs link families with children at war
While I’m not sure if I like the term “milblogging,” this is an excellent example of how the internet has decentralized communication and authority. One mother discovered through the online community that her son’s injuries were not fatal several days before official military communication came to her. Now if the military can be OK with this, we may be on to something.

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