Bennington Disc Golf :: LAMER!

I like to think that a lame disc golf course is better than no disc golf course at all. I think this is so, but the course in Bennington, Vermont at Willow Park may actually be one of the worst courses in the nation, yea, the world. The only way we could explain the design and lay out of this 9-hole course is that the designers do not actually play the sport. Even a cross-eyed, pigeon-toed, novice could see that many of the “holes” are in really, really bad locations.

“How bad could it be?” you ask. Let’s just begin with a list of “obstacles”:

  • A large play ground
  • A Basketball court
  • A little shanty shack called a youth pavilion
  • Several baseballs fields and the fencing area around home plate
  • Picnic tables
  • A concession stand/bathroom

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the course repeatedly insersects with a pedestrian walking path!!! No fewer than three holes are located in a very crowded public area complete with the large play ground, pedestrian path, picnic tables (you have to throw over one table to get to the hole), baseball field, spectator area, and concession stand. If the park is empty, it’s a nice course for practicing your short game, as most of the holes are not too long. Yet the maddening thing is the existence of wide open fields in several areas that could easily accomodate the course. Even if the courses overlapped a little, at least disc golf players would be at hazard insted of the many pedestrians enjoying the park.

In any case, despite our griping, we did enjoy ourselves and will simply have to avoid baseball season and other people in general in order to use the course. Perhaps late night or early morning is the way to go. We could also try to go there during dinner time. Whatever the case may be, we’ll probably be back. Our disc golf options in SW VT are kind of limited!

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