White Rocks Ramblings

We had a busy weekend of hiking. On Saturday we took advantage of a clear, warm day to scale up the side of Bromley Mountain. Starting from the parking lot on Route 11/30, the hike is a nice, gradual trip. It’s level for the most part until the last mile, and by then you’re warmed up enough to keep moving at a good speed. The summit is cleared off because of the ski resort on Bromley, so there is no shortage of views in any direction. I have tons of pictures to post from it, but they will have to wait. You can view my Bromley pictures (as well as pictures of West Virginia) at my flickr account.

<%image(20060501-White Rocks TTW 4.jpg|250|188|white rocks sign)%> Yesterday we ventured north of Arlington to the town of Wallingford, just south of Rutland, Vt. Just outside of Wallingford is a park site known as White Rocks. It’s a brilliantly bright cliff face on the Green Mountain range with a huge pile of boulders and rubble at the bottom.

A trail from the parking area intersects with the Appalachian Trail/Long Trail. Climbing up, up, and up, you will eventually hit a spur that runs you right out to the cliff. It is high, really high. High enough to make me a bit uneasy. You have an incredible view of the valley with Mount Tabor to the south and the town of Rutland to the north. The valley is a vaste expanse of green pine trees below, while the mountains gently run all around it. On a clear day with a blue sky you could not ask for more.

I have more pictures below of the view from White Rocks. Enjoy!

<%image(White Rocks TTW.jpg|250|188|White rocks view)%>

<%image(White Rocks TTW 3.jpg|259|194|white rocks view 2)%>

<%image(White Rocks TTW 2.jpg|259|194|white rocks view 3)%>