God or the Girl: Why I Don’t Watch TV

<%image(20060502-gotg_episodeStill.jpg|320|240|god or girl)%>A&E cable TV has sunken to a new low. Premiering on Easter, a show called “God or the Girl” tracked the journey of four young men who are considering the priesthood. Though billed as a “documentary,” it smacks of a reality show like the bachelor. Only in this case, it’s a dead heat between God and a young woman. Oh, and the only guy who decided to become a priest didn’t have a girlfriend, hey, but who’s keeping track? You would have thought they could have arranged for a girl to at least hold his hand to make it more dramatic. Of course I didn’t watch this show, I found out about it at SOMAreview.com.

The writers at SOMA put together a series of reviews and then dropped the bomb of reality by inviting a priest who heads up the holy orders process for a diocese of the Catholic Church to share what really happens when young men want to join the priesthood. If you really enjoyed the show and thought it depicted reality . . . you may not enjoy his assessment.

Even if you have no interest in the show, both of the reviews are entertaining, if not laugh-out-loud funny. As for me and my house, this shabby little publicity stunt of attempting make entertainment out of a sacred calling just reaffirms my hate for television. I can find everything I need at the library, video store, and on the internet. I have no need for you TV . . . except for the NHL and NFL playoffs.

3 thoughts on “God or the Girl: Why I Don’t Watch TV

  1. Jamie Arpin-Ricci

    I am going to have to disagree with you here. While the title of the show truly… well, sucks, I felt the show itself was a fascinating glimpse into the internal dynamics of such decisions.

    It does not surprise me that you didn’t watch the show, given your reaction. As for the priests assessment of the process, you might want to look beyond one view in that regards. I have several friends who have considere the priesthood and this was very typical to their experience.

    In the end, I am very glad I watched it. In a time where priests are seen as child molesters, it humanized the issue. It wasn’t profound, but more than just an attempt at "making entertainment out of a sacred calling". While there are fair critiques that could be made of the show, I think if you had watched it, your review would be more accurate.

    Just my two cents…


  2. Ed Post author

    Jamie, thanks for your thoughts. I’m glad to have the opinion of someone who watched God or the Girl and to know there are some redeeming qualities to the show.

    In Vermont there is a tremendous amount of bitterness among Catholics, many of whom no longer attend church, due to the molestation cover ups, so it’s good to know that even this show may be a part of the healing process.

    Just for the record, I was more interested in pointing people to the SOMA reviews, but of course I couldn’t resist throwing in my own reactions to what the A&E web site said. I sincerely hope that I overreacted to the content of the A&E web site and the SOMA reviews and that your assessment is more accurate Jamie!

  3. Jamie Arpin-Ricci


    Yeah, A&E marketed it really poorly. I think they ended up selling themselves short using that title and painting the series as though it was based on that choice. A&E have been slipping rapidly these days.


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