Praying with the Church

The premise behind Scot McKnight’s latest book is the need to not only pray as an individual in the church, but to also pray with the church. For instance, when members of the universal church engage in fixed hour prayer using a guide such as The Divine Hours, they are all coming together at the same time to seek out God. In addition, many of the prayers are from various periods of church history, enabling the church to partake in a rich heritage.

McKnight also speaks of the sacred rhythm that is developed by praying daily according to a set guide. I myself have found that this is particularly helpful during the week when it is very easy to leave God out of the picture. Running to work, running to lunch, running on errands, running home, and then crashing, only to realize that God somehow was forgotten in the midst of my hurry. Having a set time to quiet myself, focus on God, pray through scripture, claim historic prayers as my own, and recommit myself to the Lord is a vitally important part of my day.