Site Update: Spam No More

<%image(20060516-spam pictures.jpg|231|72|spam)%>After deleting over 50 spam comments yesterday, I decided that it was time to break down and get some kind of anti-spam plug in. Since we publish this blog with Nucleus, we had to find a program from the plug-in list on the Nucleus site. There weren’t too many options, though some were hilarious: someone actually designed a program that will send false a glut of spam mail to spammers, others create some kind of black list.

Anyway, all who desire to leave a comment must type out the numbers and letters found in a festive little box below the comment form. The font is very clear and it should only take a second. I was hoping to find something equivalent to akismet that is less intrusive, but I think this one will do the trick. My apologies to anyone who’s not into filling these things out.

Besides saving me a lot of time, this new spam plug in as meant that Josh upgraded the site to the latest Nucleus version and he taught me how to add plug ins. It was nice of him since he’s been so busy with his two jobs, wife, and 3 kids! We’re quite content here in Vermont with our two bunnies, thank you very much.