What to do During a Restless Night

I may have slept a little, but then I’m not sure. I woke up, I think, at 1:00 am with a start. In my dream I was about to kick an intrudor down the stairs or something like that. Maybe it was the squirrell in the wall right behind our bed who was scratching that inspired me; maybe I just wanted to give him a good kick. In any case, I was wide, wide awake and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Reading, my favorite way to fall asleep, didn’t sound good. There was no focusing happening. And so I did the only other thing I could think of: kill time on the computer.

I trudged down the steps and found that our rabbits, Eva and Bailey, were wired. Eva was pulling at the play pen trying to get out. What the heck, I let them out. The tore into the living room and waited for me while I brewed some decaf coffee. Entering with my mug of Green Mountain goodness, they immediately began chasing one another, hopping up in the air, and jumping on and off the furniture. It was all cute and hysterical until they decided it was time to chew on the imitation IKEA chair with the wooden slats.

“No, no, no, bad bunny!” I did everything I could. Finger snapping, foot stomping, all of the things that usually stop them cold. It didn’t matter. They were impervious to discipline. It was the middle of the night, they were free, and they were rabbits. And so the battle raged in the midst of brief periods of calm. They’d hop up, give me a sniff and a nudge, and then go down to the chair. When not working on the chair, they found scratching and gnawing at the rug to be equally enjoyable.

In any case, back to what I did during my restless night. The first order of business was to update my web site: www.edcyz.com. It’s a site where I’m posting non-profit help, my writing, some articles about Vermont, and some software/open source information. One of the latest developments is a little business I’m just starting called the Bethany Network. It may one day be a non-profit itself, but for now I’m focusing on providing free and low-cost administrative support, communication, and networking to non-profits. My target group consists of small to medium non-profits. The larger ones will probably want to work with an established firm.

The Bethany Network provides a bunch of free services on the web site, but I will also provide one hour of free support to a non-profit over a six week trial period. If things work out, I can continue to help on an “as needed” basis and will work for a very competitive price. More is coming, but I’m always curious to hear what people think about this hair-brained idea of mine.

While working on the edcyz.com site, I also got my Google ad act together. My colors were kind of hideous and the ads weren’t in the best locations. They’ve been moved around and I think they’re not too intrusive. I just want the site to pay for itself. I don’t believe in putting Google ads on a web site in order to earn a living. Though, while I’m mentioning it, Darren Rowse at www.problogger.com has some great tips on blogging and on Google ads.

After setting up the edcyz.com site, I spent the rest of the evening browsing other sites until 4:30 am, when the sky began to lighten up. Here’s a little sampling. The last article from Jordon Cooper’s site did me in after the first paragraph!

Seven Days: Vermont’s Alternative Web Weekly. I read an article about the Lund Family Center.

Living Room: a space for life. Darren Rowse’s blog for Christian stuff.

The Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church: a little of this and I was off to bed.