Why I Blog

Confession time. One of my guilty little pleasures in life is watching the Daily Show with John Stewart online. It’s consistently funny and intelligent (though a bit foul at times).

The Back in Black report is one of my favorite parts of the show, but the latest segment about a certain group of extreme Christian Fundamentalists made me sick. Not only do these imposters send a message of hate to homosexuals, they also “picket” at the funerals of soldiers proclaiming that the soldiers were killed as an act of judgment from God.

Jesus commands us to love our enemies, and these people are the enemies of God, so I must love them. Damn. Such gross misrepresentation of God is horrifying. They are a modern example of false prophets and they do not evidence the mark of God’s influence. They only bring shame to the name of Jesus. Even so, we must find strength from God to love them as he would.

The truth is that everyone wants to be on God’s side. Everyone claims to have God’s favor and approval. Things become really messed up when one small group claims to know God’s thoughts on a matter and, in the process, misses out on God and his ways. They become so obsessed with a particular issue that they miss out on the vast love of God. I encourage the church to pray for healing to come to these extremists because even as they hurt so many, they must be hurting all the more inside.

Pardon me if this gets sappy . . .

And so I blog in order to provide a dissenting voice when such outrages occur. I want to demolish stereotypes in order to prove that you can follow Jesus, live under his rule, and still treat others with respect and kindness. I also blog in order to draw attention to the best parts of following Jesus, to point out the times when the church gets it right. I blog to encourage those within the church. Yet, I also blog to show those outside the church that following Jesus is the best possible way to journey through life.

I’m afraid my fingers are stucccck to theeeee keyboarrrrrd after all of that ssssssap.