Christians Who Don’t Fight Nice

I have been working on a future series of blog posts that deals with some of my concerns about the evangelical church today. Perhaps more than anything, I am worried about how we debate and confront one another. Discussions about disagreements turn into arguments and then it’s just a competition to see who can excommunicate the other one first.

This is what happens when your identity as a church becomes wrapped up in doctrine.

I have been quite rude and offensive at times when engaged in a theological debate/argument, and I know of numerous occasions where friends of mine grew equally unruly.

But I was looking for an example from Christian blogs of how poorly some Christians carry on debates, or should I say, try to preemptively win debates by bamboozling everyone with their exhorbitantly long statements and then acting like the issue is settled, demanding that all bow down to their view or be damned.

And then Ed Enoch stopped by tallskinnykiwi. It’s guys like Ed that make me wonder why we don’t have a written exam for people on blog-protocal before allowing them online. In a series of comments, Ed embodies many of the things I dislike about Christian debate. He’s the Chairman of the Evangelical Debate Society by the way.

I’m not saying that I’ve never employed some of his rude and combative tactics, I have. But I’ve been trying to get away from this kind of debate for some time now. I know there will always be Christians who fight with their gloves off, but they should not be pictured as the ideal. I think we can disagree in a gracious manner without burning our bridges . . .

or pasting lengthy theological papers in the comment section of someone else’s blog.

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  1. Ed Post author

    How do you keep up with it all??? I am convinced that I am a slow reader. Sorry to send you running after that. I try not to let it happen again!

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