Tent Caterpillars: The 11th Plague

Last summer we moved to Vermont after the descent of the tent caterpillar menace. Now we are right in the thick of it.

Tent caterpillars are brown caterpillars that eat up all of the leaves, weave webs everywhere, and litter the ground. They make a distinct munching sound while doing their awful work. Soon many of our leaves will be devoured. I HATE THEM. I STEP ON ONE EVERY TIME I HAVE A CHANCE.

We are in the third year of the cycle, the last and worst of them all. Then we have a 14 year reprieve. So we have heard that is. Hopefully they’ll be gone by July.

Taking a walk in the evening is a rather disgusting affair. Webs are always wrapping around your face and legs. We come out of the woods around here with little web bits streaming from our hair. Yuck! It’s disgusting.

One person I know hates the caterpillars so much that she tries to stomp down on one end of the bug so hard that it’s innards squirt out the other side. She has told me about this game three times.

Ah, so while Vermont is still a lovely place to be, we certainly do feel like we’re suffering under a Biblical plague.

PS By the way, with our torrential rains last night came a small army of frogs onto the roads as well. They were not as numerous as the caterpillars, but still made for an eerie drive home amidst the carnage of squished frog guts. Just imagine the wake behind Egyptian carts back in the day.

One thought on “Tent Caterpillars: The 11th Plague

  1. Dad

    Last week we took a walk in the woods and thought that it was raining. It was only the caterpillars eating, defecating and dropping uneaten leaves. We got out of there before they could ambush us and carry us to their lair.

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