One of Those Days

It was one of those days where I overslept, didn’t blog, got my coffee too late, didn’t eat enough donuts, had too much work, too little time, and not enough food. Of course on the grand scale of things, life is great, but I have so much I still want to post here and it’s hard to find a free moment.

I spent my morning on the Northshire Non-Profit Network meeting. We had a great time with Christine Graham of CPG Fundraising. She is THE expert on the non-profit sector and has a good feel for the national non-profit scene. I’ll have some interesting notes to post at the NNN site very soon.

For now it’s off to bed. We now have 3 rabbits since we’re watching one over the summer for a friend. I spent a good part of the night rearranging the cages so as to promote peace and harmony. Our rabbits want to beat up our friends rabbit. For now they have to settle for “marking” the territory around the other rabbit’s cage.