5 Weeks Later . . . Tragedy and Joy

About five weeks ago I mentioned a terrible accident that took the lives of some Taylor University students and a dining commons staff member. Now this terrible event has taken a simultaneously tragic and joyful turn. The Taylor University web page reports:

“We had believed that Laura VanRyn was airlifted to Parkview Hospital and has recently begun to emerge from the coma she was in since the night of the accident. The Coroner’s office has notified us that Laura was instead one of the five people who died that evening and that it was Whitney Cerak who was airlifted to Parkview and is today convalescing at a hospital in Grand Rapids, MI.”

This is a terrible blow for one family and a tremendous joy for another. I cannot even begin to imagine the range of emotions each is feeling right now. In addition, for those families who lost loved ones in the crash, it must be painful to have a reminder of that night right in front of them yet again while they try to move on.

It’s probably time to stop posting on this and to start praying for these families.

3 thoughts on “5 Weeks Later . . . Tragedy and Joy

  1. Kenneth Henry

    I will pray for the VanRyn family and especially Laura’s boyfriend, who for a number of days believed it was his true love he was caring for. Like he said, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. "God Bless You Son"

    God Bless Everyone involved in the accident.
    The Lord is With You Laura.

  2. Ed Post author

    Thanks for praying.

    I couldn’t remember the details of who had a fiancee, but I thought it was Laura. Thanks Kenneth for filling in some details.

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