The Gay Marriage Amendment: Christians Need a Hobby

If Christians are intent on wasting their time, they should find a frivolous little hobby to fritter away the hours. This is far more preferable than fighting for an amendment to the Constitution that bans gay marriage. The latest hysteria is shameful, as in the Washington Post’s latest article. Conservative Republicans are waving the gay marriage flag for a few days to rouse their dissatisfied or indifferent constituents out of their haze. Gay marriage is the bait intended to lure wayward Christian Republicans back to the right.

Are Christians biting? Some are. As for myself, I have grown weary of the hype about the gay marriage amendment. Please just let it die and let the states make their own mess.

As for my personal views on this topic, I have always felt that gay couples should be allowed to marry. That seems to be a no-brainer for me. Marriage does not need to be “protected,” come on, we’ve already trashed it with a 50% divorce rate. We spend $20,000 on the wedding, $5,000 on the honeymoon, and zip on pre-marital counseling. If we’re worried about immorality and adultery, heterosexual couples have done enough damage to marriage.

If a gay couple wants to make a life-long commitment to one another, receive health benefits, and derive the other practical benefits that marriage brings, isn’t that preferable to forcing them to shack up together without a formal commitment before witnesses?

Regarding the teachings of the scripture and the topic of gay marriage, I certainly am in more of a haze about it since moving to Vermont. The Bible does make some clear statements against homosexuality, but some sincere Christians do believe that times have changed. It’s a tough one. What do you say to someone who knows he/she is homosexual? I can’t say, “No you’re not, it’s just sin.” How do I know?

If anything, I can point this person to God. Show them to the Father, and let Him sort it out. That may seem weak to some, and not nice enough for others, but that’s my place for now. Since I don’t know what to do with the texts about homosexuality in the Bible, I’m willing to step back a little. I have no problem repeating what the Bible says, but I also suspect that wherever I stand on this topic, I’ll probably be wrong.

Do I think homosexuality is a sin? Let’s step back. The Bible teaches that sex outside of marriage is a sin. So banning gay marriage is a big problem then. If a gay couple cannot even marry, they are in a tight spot. Would God consider a married homosexual couple to be sinful? That is where I’m stuck. We can propose arguments from scripture and from experience that fall on both sides.

This is a tough topic, do we really need to have it all figured out? If the answer is yes, then perhaps it’s time for a nice game of Skip-Bo or perhaps croquet.

2 thoughts on “The Gay Marriage Amendment: Christians Need a Hobby

  1. Andy Smith

    On this issue I find myself a bit conflicted as well but come down in favor of the amendment. Why? In a democratic republic such as ours issues of this magnitude need to be decided by the people either through their elected representatives or through the referendum process in those states that have it. Alabama voters just banned gay marraige, voting by a large margin to amend their constitution. In every state a law or amendment went to the people it was passed, the smallest margin was 57% in Oregon in the same election they voted by 53% for John Kerry.
    The Courts have hijacked this issue just like abortion and a constitutional amendment is the only way to restrain activist courts since they can overturn laws like the Federal Defense of Marraige Act of 1996. I wish the Courts would be more responsible and not just start creating "rights" out of whole cloth which require the other branches of government to enact drastic measures to prevent or overturn these bad court decisions.
    On a personal level i sympathize with homosexuals who have no wish to attempt to change their lifestyle and who want to commit themselves in marraige. Marraige is far better than the casual fornication that so many people of all sexual orientations engage in. We will see if homosexuals do any better with things like divorce, adultery, child support and custody battles than do their straight counterparts.
    As to the Bible, I tend to believe the disapproval of homosexual acts is pretty clear. Christ is also pretty clear on divorce and the modern evangelical church struggles on this issue. I will not sit in judgement of people but those who would try to argue gay marraige is ok from a Christian perspective have an unenviable task.
    My main concern is the implications of changing the definition of marriage. If it becomes "any two people who love each other and want to commit" then Pandora’s box is open. Bisexuals will demand the right to a spouse of each gender. Polygamists will demand their rights. Proponents of group, child and interspecies marraige the same. No this is not a red herring this is the logical consequence because no principle or tradition will stand in the way.
    So my view is basically that those who are homosexual should live together, commit themselves to each other, have whatever ceremonies they wish because this is America and no one is stopping you just don’t go to the Courts and demand marraige. If you can convince a majority of the people or the legislature then you have won but if not then you have to live with the system as it is

  2. Ed Post author

    Ah, Andy took the bait!

    I was hoping to have some other views in the comment section. I also wanted to mention the dynamics of the states, courts, and other branches of government, but did not feel equal to the task. I’m glad you jumped in. Thanks for taking the time to write all of that out.

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