Proposing and Other Stuff

My first proposal was to Julie on singing beach on the Northshore of Massachusetts. My second was of my book project to Youth Specialties. Now I’m writing up another proposal of my book and will be working with my agent and editor on the next steps in the process.

In other news . . .
Weekends Off: I’ve been thinking of taking a day or two off during the weekends from blogging. When the moleskine runneth dry, it’s hard to keep posting regularly. Especially if I want to feel good about what I’m posting.

Bethany Network: I’m working toward a kick-off of my little start-up company of sorts. It may be a non-profit, but I’m not sure. I call it the Bethany Network. My concept is this: providing administrative support (communication, publications, etc.) and networking for a low cost to non-profits. The first 6 weeks of service at an hour per week are free. If things work out, then I’ll charge a very reasonable hourly fee.

The idea came from my time working and volunteering at churches and other non-profits. There are projects and other needs that typically fall in between the cracks. Maybe it’s a press release, a brochure, or a newsletter. Non-profits hire me to do those tasks. In addition, many non-profits sometimes just need someone to help them find free software, show them how to use free software, or need to team up with another non-profit with similar goals. That’s the other end of the Bethany Network: networking non-profits to resources and one another.

Though I’m focusing on SW Vermont right now, I’m not limiting myself to this neck of the woods. I’ll post an update on this blog when things become more solidified.

Peace Reigns: No one probably cares about this, but peace and harmony reign in our home for now with the introduction of our temporary rabbit guest for the summer. Hazel, our friends rabbit, was the object of our rabbits’ angst. Now Eva and Bailey see to be ignoring her, which is a relief. The one problem is Hazel’s fear of our laminate floor. She has to be carried over to the living room for her running time.