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<%image(praying.jpg|107|160|prayingwithchurch)%>Today inamirrordimly welcomes the “Praying with the Church blog tour” to our little slice of the internet. Since June 5th bloggers have been posting on Scot McKnight’s latest book that deals with the ever important topic of prayer. I myself have found a powerful connection with God three times a day by praying through the Divine Hours. In this guide to prayer and the liturgical practices of the church, McKnight provides the Biblical and historic background for praying with the church in what he calls a “sacred rhythm.”

There is a lot to like about the book, especially McKnight’s conclusion with nine practical steps to move forward in praying with the church. The variety of prayer books and methods can be intimidating, especially for the reader who is unaccustomed to this kind of prayer. Having some practical steps forward really ends the book on a nice note.

Yet, McKnight is at his best when expounding on passages of scripture. It is easy to overlook the importance of fixed hour prayer in the Psalms, the book of Daniel, and even throughout the ministry of Jesus. Of particular interest is his explanation of the Our Father as it appears in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Curiously, the Greek word for “say” is more accurately translated as “recite” In addition, the Our Father was given to the disciples in the first person plural, indicating that it was intended for use in public worship (61-64). This may seem surprising to some Christians today, but for Jews who recited the Shema every day, this was a natural practice.

While McKnight’s latest book is excellent in many ways, perhaps his greatest service to the church is providing a Biblical and historical foundation for liturgical and fixed hour prayer. He also provides some helpful insights to aid the church in this neglected prayer practice. Reading Praying with the Church has given a new significance to my daily prayers through the Divine Hours. This is no longer a practice between myself and the pages before my eyes. It’s a way of praying with the church throughout the world.

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Schedule of the Blog Tour

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