Vermont’s Not Usually LikeThis . . .

For a solid year now I have been hearing this line,

“Vermont isn’t usually like this.”

Most muggy summer, mildest fall, latest frost, warmest winter in 30 years, firmest mud season, driest Spring, and now a summer that is colder and wetter than many can remember.

Ah, but now the dim, gray clouds that covered the land for a good two weeks straight have dissipated and the sun is out. The blue skies behind Red Mountain help highlight the brown swaths cleared out by the dreaded tent caterpillars. But for the most part things are green and sunny. Hopefully this is more typical for Southwestern Vermont.

Since we the rain locked us up in the house all weekend, we decided to do a little rearranging of things in our oversized dining room that used to be a third bedroom before the wall was taken out. Along one of the walls now are two book shelves from IKEA, one we purchased recently, and then a little book shelf I made for our rabbit supplies. We’re quickly filling up the shelves with overflow cook books, literary theory, philosophy, and Julie’s Medieval Lit. books.

The rabbits really dig anything new. They promptly hopped onto the lower shelves, chewed on some books, and were general pests. After a few scoldings they seem to have settled down.