Branching Out: The Cup, a Movie, etc.

I don’t typically take time to blog much on sports or movies, but today I have two recommendations that I think qualify as must-sees. And then I have a few other things to scribble about. First, to sports:

Hurricanes vs. Oilers (Series: Canes 3, Oilers 2)
If you didn’t catch last night’s game, like me, it’s worth takes a few minutes to watch the highlights at ESPN. The goals were fantastic, the products of impossible tip-ins, sly passes, and gritty work. The game-winner for the Oilers was a truly gutsy play by one of their defensemen.

Of course don’t bother reading much of the article next to the video. Most post-game interviews are a collection of stock phrases that can be assembled in any article like a linguistic Mr. Potato Head.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
I have 3 favorite movies, and the Royal Tennenbaums is one of the them. My wife is a big fan of it too. She says it’s one of the only movies she can enjoy after watching it over and over. So it’s not surprising that Tennenbaum director Wes Anderson’s next film, the Life Aquatic starring Bill Murray and a tremendous supporting cast was a big hit in our home last night.

It’s quirky, off beat, and filled with dead-pan humor. For someone who wearies of the typical movie fare, these kinds of movies are a real breath of fresh air. I won’t guarantee that everyone will love it, but I will say that it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen since viewing the Royal Tennenbaums. What I think makes Anderson’s movies so fascinating is the importance of the characters. His characters are so well-developed and interact so unexpectedly that you almost forget about the plot. Though the plot still moves the story along toward a conclusion, you find yourself enjoying the different characters so much that it doesn’t really matter where you end up.

Though I try to spare our blog readers from samples of the vast cache of bunny pictures in our collection, two nights ago I shot a really cute shot of our rabbits, Eva and Bailey, laying on the floor next to me. You judge for yourself if it is not web-worthy.


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