Blogging and the Sexes: Blogging Style

I previously posted my thoughts on the differences between men and women bloggers. I know there is no formula to follow and that exceptions will always come up. In fact, there may be a lot of exceptions. But if we can hit on some of the differences between men and women in the world of blogs, perhaps we will find some of the reasons why men do not pay enough attention to female bloggers.

Do women and men blog differently? Here is what some women had to say in the comment section last week:

Kim wrote . . .
I think men tend to report on what they think they’ve figured out and women tend to write about what & how they are experiencing something.

Makeesha wrote . . .
I don’t think I write all that differently from many male bloggers I read that write about similar things so I’m not sure I can support that theory…not personally anway :)

Tammy wrote . . .
In my experience, women tend to blog like they talk -longer stories, more details, lots of emotions, and the whole story instead of the conclusion. Another thing i notice is that men tend to have a blog that is about a defined topic. Women tend to have a blog that has attention deficit disorder. That is yet another generalization, so don’t try to engage me in a debate about gender roles!

Well that’s enough said for now. I don’t want to go on and on with how I fell about all of this . . . I need to just get to the facts and stick to the topic . . .

In all seriousness, I agree with the above statements. They are all on to something. I think men and women do blog differently, but there are always exceptions. Tommorrow I hope to address how men can pay more attention to female bloggers and what a more equal online discussion looks like.

If you haven’t had enough, I asked my friend Josh (the co-author and creator of this blog) to ask his wife Jamie to chime in on this issue. She has three small children at an age where most women are thinking about having their first. I think she is wise beyond her years and has always been a very passionate disciple. Don’t get lost in her generalizations or comments on feminism though. Those thoughts are merely footnotes to her thoughts on humility and sensitivity to God’s Holy Spirit. I was hoping to include her voice in the discussion and am glad she stopped by.

OK, it’s time to go, the rabbits are assaulting our Poang chair.

2 thoughts on “Blogging and the Sexes: Blogging Style

  1. Jamie Davidson

    i wish you would have left my thoughts be my thoughts without feeling like you needed to explain them to be less offensive…i didn’t treat my sexism comments as footnotes, but what i actually think about it.

  2. Ed Post author

    Sorry Jamie. I did not intend to take away from your post, though I think I have. The way I read your comment I was afraid that readers could get lost in disagreeing about your comment about feminism:

    "the slant in feminism and sexism tends to lean to man being ignorant towards this "powerful woman-being" who goes unnoticed,"

    and only reply to that without interacting with some of the topics that I really think we all need to deal with.

    My point was that you had just touched on feminism briefly in the midst of a much longer post on seeking the humility that comes from God in the midst of gender issues. What you had to say definitely had implications on feminism. I just didn’t want your excellent comment to get sidetracked on how you defined feminism. That’s it.

    You’re right though, I was trying to steer the conversation a bit too much and definitely overstated what I had intended, and even what I had intended was not quite on target.

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