Blogging and the Sexes: Broadening the Conversation

Today I’m wrapping up my little series, the only kind of series that I can handle, on blogging and the sexes. My intention has been to address the following question today:

“3. Why aren’t more women bloggers noticed in general? And then the follow up: Why aren’t women bloggers as prominent as men in the emerging church?”

Over the past week a number of possible reasons have surfaced from various commenters, here’s a run-down:
1. Men more numerous in the computer field and have an edge on blogging.
2. In the church, more men are in ministry and can combine blogging with their ministry.
3. Fewer women blog and consequently are not noticed as often by men who link to one another and command the majority of the blog traffic.
4. In some cases women blog in a different style than men and are unfortunately and unjustly marginalized.
5. Subtle discrimination that still lurks in our culture.
6. Lack of initiative to bring women into the blog conversation.

The last one is the most important for me at this point. Instead of lamenting that men do not notice women, I’d like to provide some possible ways to include women in blogging conversations. There have already been some excellent posts about ways to include women in the emerging church, and blogs are part of that, but I want to address ways men can help bring women into the blogging conversation. Here are some things that I’ve been up and would recommend doing:

– Take a look at the list of blogs that you read regularly and try to get a sense of what your preferences are in the blogs you read. Do these preferences unnecessarily exclude women? (for example, you may only want to read blogs on football or hockey, and you probably will not find many blogs by women on these topics. But if you’re interested in the church or in politics, you can certainly find women who are doing an excellent job of blogging).

– Look for female bloggers in the blogrolls of your favorite blogs. Go to their sites and then visit the sites of all the women on their blog rolls. If you have Firefox as your web browser (as most certainly should be the case), you can open all of these pages in tabs all at once and check them out.

– Try to find a site that aggregates blogs in your area of interest and scan them for women. For example, emerging church blogs or emerging women are both good places to start for the emerging church.

– If you’re like me and you don’t have a ton of time to read through all of these blogs, do yourself a favor and set up a bloglines account. This will make it very easy to check on the blogs when they have new content without having to visit every day. You can even set up your blogline page to only have the first few lines of the post. This will give you a chance to find out which blogs are a good fit for your blog roll.

Any other ideas?

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  1. Heavenly Ryan

    Kinda funny, I heard about this post from a fellow female Vermont blogger – 802 Online; and a good percentage of the bloggers I know in in my area are female :-)

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