Marriage and Meeples

It was a low key weekend for us with some swimming in a frigid quarry, minor work around the house, and some fruitless discipline of our rabbits who have decided it’s fun to dig out the contents of their litter box all over the cage. On Saturday we attended the wedding of Julie’s friend, and we played our new board game, Carcassonne, in our spare moments at home.

Carcassonne: Our Latest Obsession
<%image(20060626-Carcassonne-game.jpg|100|146|carcassonne)%>Not to be confused with the actual town of Carcassonne in France, we have quickly become quite entranced by the board game, Carcassonne. We have the basic game, though a host of expansions do exist, as Wikipedia attests. It is very possible that we have found the game that may supplant Settlers of Cataan as our family favorite. The real test will come during the family vacation up at Lake George. Carcassonne may be nice to play with other family members because it’s a bit simpler than Cataan.

<%image(20060626-meeple.jpg|200|150|meeple)%>The basic idea is to place your Meeples (little followers who have become popular in and of themselves, see here) on roads, farm land, castles, or cloisters in order to obtain the greatest number of points. Starting with a pile of land pieces with small pieces of cities, roads, or fields, each player pieces together a world and then populates it with their meeples. No one is knocked out of the game, the flow of the game is very fast, and it’s fairly entertaining. Carcassonne has been a staple for us over the past few days. Once again the Germans have captivated us with their board game prowess.

The Wedding
It’s always refreshing to attend a wedding and to be reminded of your own vows and commitment. This wedding was particularly nice because the ceremony was on a hill in upstate NY overlooking the mountains right over the Vermont border. We could see our own Red Mountain (the mountain in our back yard that is), Equinox, and a number of other mountains all around us. Down below us was a small lake that grew steadily still as the evening arrived, while the sunset was absolutely brilliant.

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