Vote For the Best Vermont Blog

<%image(20060629-daysie.gif|200|78|daysie)%>If you’re a Vermont blogger such as myself, you may be interested to know that Kathy over at 802 Online and at Seven Days wants YOU to vote for the best Vermont blog: HERE. The voting is open to anyone, anywhere. Here are the rules from Kathy:

* Anyone, anywhere can vote.
* Everybody gets one vote. No ballot-box stuffing!
* The blogs you vote for must be on her blogroll. If you want to vote for a Vermont blog that’s not listed, let her know about it, and she’ll add it.
* Make sure you give them the URL, not the blog’s title.
* The polls close at 5pm on July 3.

Though 802 Online and Candleblog are some crowd favorites, I think that Politics Vermont is worth noticing.