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We’re going away for a few days to Lake George, so it will be quiet around here until Wednesday the 5th. Before going, I had a few important things to pass along.

I can’t believe that I actually missed the anniversary of our move to Vermont. It’s a hard date to pinpoint because our stupid, lousy, should-have-failed-the-inspection (gratuitous hyphen usage for all of you fans of THE MESSAGE), U-Haul broke down in North Jersey on a hot, humid day. Talk about purgatory. In any case, I think the official date that we pulled in to our Vermont home was June 26th, 2005. One day late, hot, and brimming with a fury greater than hell at U-Haul for abandoning us the day before.

Now the house has been repainted inside and out, a new floor is down in the kitchen and bathroom, and we have rabbits slowly undoing all of our progress. Life is pretty sweet. The picture at the top of this post is from this past Wednesday after we were slammed with a downpour all day. Driving home was something quite magical with the clouds hovering around the mountains, a clear blue backdrop, and the fresh smell of rain in the air. I promptly ran upstairs and snapped a few pictures of Red Mountain. I’ll post the rest of them to my Flickr account soon.

This blogging thing has also been a fun little project. I have enjoyed developing relationships through the internet and writing on a regular basis. Over the past two-three months my visitors have doubled, so I have a lot of people to thank for sending folk my way. Of course I need to thank those on my blog log. I also need to thank those who have slipped my mind presently, but have graciously posted links to inamirrordimly. Lastly, there are some people who have recently sent a lot of traffic to this site. I wanted to thank them in kind:

Lastly, if you click on the link below, you can see a picture of Bailey, one of our bunnies. You won’t regret it.

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