Reentry Entry

While rattling down Pudding Island Road away from the family cabins on the point at northern Lake George, I was filled with gratitude. Gratitude that we really love where we live. There’s something wonderful about living in a beautiful place. I know that you miss out on important things like variety and diversity when tucked away in the mountains, but I can’t help thinking that living in a place that you consider beautiful is essential. Even if that means living around sky scrapers or a suburban development, if you enjoy how your area “looks,” then I can’t imagine you’ll have much more to figure out besides some kind of income.

Our family’s little spot at the lake is one of the most scenic places in the East, in my opinion, but our home in the middle of the Green and Taconic Mountains makes leaving a bit easier. We have a lot to look forward to, especially if the Battenkill River and the Dorset Quarry ever decide to warm up. Of course the one thing you can’t do as well at home is relax. The family cabins at Lake George are designed for maximum relaxation. There is no better place to read a book, write a little, swim, or just putter around.

This latest trip up to the lake was a chance to have a little pre-vacation and to work on the cabin a little. We spent part of two days this past weekend scraping off old paint from the exterior of our family’s cabin (that is, my wife’s grandmother’s side of the family) and then primed and painted it. To my utter consternation, we didn’t take before and after pictures. The wood was almost completely bare after a little bit of scraping. It was quite a rewarding job.

Other highlights included a fireworks display in the town of Hague, just north of our place that we watched from our living room. After throwing a dud of a show last year, Hague got it together and put together a nice little series of fireworks with a decent finale. Part of the show for us is looking at the sea of white, red, and green lights all over the lake: markers of the hundreds of boats assembled to view the show. After the last boom, the lights scatter all over the lake like little ants returning to their colonies.

We also enjoyed a great family picnic on the point during the 4th. There is no assortment of food I love more than a summer cook out spread. I have now vowed to eat nothing but salads until the next cook out.

Of course every weekend has some downsides. . .
– Manchester garage sales are horrendous. We have been skunked at least five times now at garage sales in Manchester, VT. For being such an affluent area, you would assume that the people wouldn’t try to make a buck off their garage sales. They should be content. But we found some ridiculous prices such as:
heavily used soccer balls: $4 each
Zig Ziglar seminar from the 70’s, still in shrink wrap: $5
coffee table painted a poor choice of colors: $45
These items were not priced to sell. We found better garage sales in the Philly burbs such as Doylestown. For shame Manchester, for shame.

– My losing streak continues. When assembled with the family I have been trapped in a losing streak of sorts with Settlers of Catan. In the latest game the stupid 12 kept rolling more than my 10 and 3’s combined. Once I built on the 12: nothing. After a few wins several weeks ago, the same has set in with Carcassonne.

– Did I mention that I forgot to take pictures of the cabin before and after we painted it?