My Two Worlds

I know of two worlds.

One is learned, organized, and methodical. It prizes training, study, discipleship, and order. Leaders are clearly defined and usually delegate fairly well, though some become controlling. All in all, the leaders understand management and the dynamics of people. The church in this world is a calm pleasant place to be. Though dull and uninspiring at times, it will function orderly and efficiently, regularly dispensing Biblical teaching.

The other world that I have known of late is passionate and spirit-filled. It burns with the intimacy of the Father, the joy of the Son, and the power of the Spirit. Leaders only move forward unless the Spirit of God is upon them, and they crave this anointing. Their churches may be unpredictable and unusual, but there is a genuine hunger for God and on many occassions God shows up in very tangible ways. Though they love the Bible, they also prize the power of prayer, which they are sometimes tempted to abuse. Their faith his bold and rich. One cannot be in their presence without sensing something or someone manificently wonderful.

Both worlds have their flaws and these flaws are accentuated when the two worlds are furthest apart. The learned, organized world tends to leave out the Spirit of God and minimize the level of real intimacy that can be experienced with the triniune God. The spiritual, intimate world can make doctrinal errors and abuse people. Neither are experts in their areas of strength, but I have seen their weaknesses in devastating clarity. I only lament that the two worlds do not intersect with one another more often.

The organized world rests on its learning and leadership, while the spiritual rests on prophecies and anointings. One is capable of ignoring the Spirit, the other is equally capable of ignoring people and the need for order and a grasp of interpersonal dynamics. I have sat in too many seminary classes where prayer was almost scoffed at, while I have seen even more people wounded by seemingly apostolic leaders with the anointing who steamroll everyone in their path for the sake of God’s call on their lives.

I don’t know how to bring the two worlds together, but I would like to take the first step. I would like to be the friend who tells them that they they need each other. They’re a good match. There may be fireworks at first, but after some initial skirmishes, there is a chance for something true, deep, and meaningful to develop. They have much to give one another and the world.

One thought on “My Two Worlds

  1. michael bells

    I recognize & even understand a little of both worlds. I find the tension between the two goes right through me & it times it drives me crazy because it easily leads to paralysis.

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