Happy Birthday Mom!

Sometimes my Mom reads this blog. Just in case she stops by today, I wanted to wish her a happy birthday. Too bad it’s going to rain all day.

On a side note, today’s date is 7-11, which has to be one of the easiest dates to remember because of the chain store “7-11” that is dotted all over Philly.

Thank you 7-11 for helping me remember my mom’s birthday. Your coffee is sludge, your hot dogs are inedible, and your pretzels are either stale or soggy, but gosh darn it, you always helped me remember.

Nevertheless, I’ll still go to Wawa every time. No hard feelings I hope.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Ed Post author

    July 11th is the best day to have a birthday in the Philly metro area. They should have a "maternity half off special" for parents who deliver on the 11th. Though I suppose only the insurance companies would benefit from that. . .

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