A New Kind of Seminary

The other day I received a letter from Biblical Seminary, the place where I labored four long years on my MDiv, about a new certificate program with classes on the doctoral level for advanced missional leadership. The certificate is 15 credits and can be put toward a doctorate in ministry. The course information is here and here.

The first class offered for the certificate is The Church and Our Cultures: Entering the Missional Conversation with Dr. John Franke.

It’s a tempting program because the literature has all of the buzz words:

Of course it is missing:

I hope it’s a successful program for Biblical. They are really trying to do what few other schools are doing. I especially like what Franke is doing because he’s a scholar who is grounded in reverence for the Holy Spirit and in the church. That’s the kind of theologian we’re going to need in the future.

Will I participate? I don’t think so. Only if they’ll give me a scholarship. Also, some of this stuff is getting a little old sometimes. Perhaps I need to use it a bit more before I’m willing to read more books on the emerging church and missional living. It still feels like we’re shoving around the same pack of ideas as if they were new. I need to sit with what I’ve eaten and let it digest first. Then maybe I’ll come back for seconds.