Lake George . . . Again

After a nice little night at SVAC working the opening reception for Rosita Marlborough, the Dutchess of Marlborough, I’m home getting ready to leave tommorrow morning for Lake George. The last trip was a little bit of work mixed with a little relaxing. This time it’s full-throttle vacation. (On a side note, Rosita is a wonderful lady, full of spunk and spirit. Her paintings are pretty sharp on her web page, but enthralling in person.)

We love Arlington, VT and hate to leave it usually, but the lure of the Lake on a hot weekend has won out. I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging or not next week. We’ll see how the wireless connection is at Julie’s grandmother’s cabin. Yeah, we’re roughing it.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have two rabbits, Eva and Bailey, and are taking care of another one for a friend this summer. If you’ve ever wondered what’s involved with having rabbits as far as care is concerned, I’ve pasted below my notes for those who are caring for our little furry friends. You may get the feel for how quirky each rabbit’s personality really is. Enjoy!

The Rabbit Routine

The Rabbits
Eva: white bunny, gray spots
Bailey: smaller brown bunny

Hazel: larger brown bunny with large ears who is by herself in a cage. She must NEVER be mixed with the other bunnies. Eva wants to tear her from limb from limb.

General Note: For your convenience and for their safety, it’s best to leave the rabbits in their cage/play pen. We’d rather they not be taken out. Feel free to open the tops of the cages to pet them. Hazel and Eva like it. If they escape, they can typically be lured back with pellets rattling around in a food bowl or a handful of lettuce.

The play pen is tricky to open when feeding the bunnies. Be careful that the wooden wall doesn’t fall on their heads. They become frantic during meal times.

Pellets: Eva and Bailey get one full scoop of pellets in each of their bowls once a day.
Hazel gets one half scoop of pellets each day.

Hay: Eva and Bailey should always have plenty of hay in their feeder box. Hazel receives a large handful/clump of hay every day. A new shipment of hay should be arriving. It will be packaged in clumps you can put in the feeder. If you run out of hay, give them the meadow grass.

Lettuce, etc: There are tupper wares in the fridge that have lettuce and other veggies for the bunnies. Just give them the lettuce, etc. according to the labels on each container.

Check their water every day just to make sure they have plenty. With the hot weather they drink a lot.

Cleaning Up
The bunnies can be messy. Every day someone should use the scooper on the bunny shelf to clean up their mess and drop it in the litter box. Aspen shavings can be sprinkled on the litter box if it’s getting “full” of you know what.

On Monday and Wednesday they will need a complete clean out. Here’s the procedure we do typically.

1.Lock Bailey and Eva out of the cage part with the litter box. Hazel will be fine in her cage since she’ll just hide in the corner.
2.Use the scooper to pick up any poop pellets or other litter that is in the cage and dump it in the litter box.
3.Using the paper towls and spray bottle of vinegar, clean out the cage around the litter box and wherever there may be a mess.
4.Take the litter boxes outside, dump them in the compost pile behind the shed, rinse them with water at the shed, and then fill them with the following: a thin layer of woody pet pellets (in the mud room) and a very, very thin layer of aspen shavings.
5.Make sure Eva and Bailey are let back into the cage once you put the litter box back in place.

Thanks! Ed and Julie

2 thoughts on “Lake George . . . Again

  1. Andy Smith

    Well Ed you get to meet British nobility in Vermont, pretty cool. The current Duchess is descended from both Vanderbilts and Churchills. Hope you knew to address her as "Your Grace" Wish I had been there. I have my own blog now, less sophisticated than yours at… Keep up the good work

  2. Ed Post author

    Andy, we have to start somewhere, be it blogs or with nobility.

    Yeah, now that you mention it, I botched the formalities, but with her blessing. She wanted things to be very relaxed and asked us to address her by her first name. We’re all laid back here in Vermont I suppose.

    To my credit I did find out that her title should have been "Your Grace." I didn’t catch the Churchill thing until later. But hey, when it comes to formalities I’m doing good if I can get any kind of name/title right.

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