Focus on the Doggie

<%image(20060720-sherman3.gif|227|174|sherman)%>OK, now I may have seen it all. Focus on the Family has cooked up some hair-brained web site called “No-Moo-Lies” that somehow equates the following:

dogs and barking
people and heterosexuality

Sherman the dog makes it easy for all of us . . .

The site is done in a fairly insulting manner. In fact, it’s so bad that I could see people making a site like this to mock Christians. Yes, it’s that bad. The cute, barking dog and the patronizing moderator are used to convey a message about voting to ban gay partnerships/marriage. There have to be better ways to bring up sensitive topics. I really hope that people will realize that this site is not representative of all Christians . . . please don’t think it is . . .

And the worst part is that they actually have a few points about homosexuality in general that are worth discussing, but the context of the site makes intelligent conversation untenable. Perhaps groups such as Exodus International can do a better job of discussing the nature of homosexuality than some floppy-eared dog.

Of course, the site did succeed in prompting me to blog about it, but I’m sure that was just an accident. Dang, I’m such a sucker.