A link to pictures of Beirut.

The pictures of the destroyed buildings in Beirut are just a faint glimpse into the horrors experienced by the residents of Beirut. Many of those fortunate enough to escape without injury have lost their possessions and are at the mercy of those around them. It’s a horribly sad situation.

I find it impossible to sit so far away from the events and make any judgments on what is best for either side. Nevertheless, this approach to matters seems excessive. I can only think that there have to be better ways of dealing with terrorists than all-out war. The terrorists use civilinians as pawns, while the Israelis disregard the Lebanese people caught in the middle. Dropping leaflets does not cut it after you’ve destroyed the infrastructure.

As a Christian, I believe that the way to healing involves suffering, loss, and selflessness. That has never been a popular policy for nations, the US in particular, or for individuals. With neither side standing down, I can only pray for an immediate cease-fire.