Blogs and Relationships

This little blog has greatly changed how I interact with family, friends, and acquaintances. First of all, there are many people whom I would have long lost touch with, but through our blogs we keep in touch and have a great deal to e-mail about from time to time.

In other cases I am able to easily keep family and friends informed on my life and what I’m thinking so that when we get together we already have something to talk about. They also know about many of the big events in my life, so we can pick up where we left off rather quickly.

The bottom line is that calling or e-mailing everyone you would like to keep in touch with is impossible. Even with e-mail I find that it’s very tempting to just dash off a mass e-mail for every friend on my list and give them the 10 minute tour of my life, in all its riveting and uncensored glory.

But blogs . . . blogs as a medium enable communication en masse (I’m thinking of Pappy O’Daniels in O’Brother Where Art Thou saying, “We’re mass communicatin'” as he walks into the radio station). It’s not lazy or impersonal to tell your own stories on a blog, and anyone can read them. That is a nice way to keep up with friends and family. Having the comments open also enables your friends and family to drop a line and start a little e-mail conversation.

Of course an ultra-introspective and personal blog can be a bit dull at times. The ongoing inside jokes, contextless references, revelations that should remain in anonymity, and long lists of friends as part of inane and dull stories just bog down a blog.

You know the type: Today we went to Marko’s house for Maria’s party and Jane, Bob, George, Tommy, Megan, and Phil were there. Tommy did his stupid trick again which really made Phil act the way he did last time. But it was all really funny and then Marko told our favorite story about Megan and her pet python and that was really great. Oh and then I began to think about how boring my life is and how Sheila broke my heart and I would never be the same. And I haven’t. I lay in bed many nights just staring at the blank wall . . . And so on.

Even if abused with such drivel, I think that more people should be blogging. They need not find a niche. They need not post every day. Perhaps they could just post the occasional picture or share a story or two. Blog readers provide the luxury of only checking a blog when it’s updated. I’m currently working on my friend Geoff who is over in China. He’s one guy who needs to blog, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

I have some blogging software suggestions over at my site, but it may also be worth setting up a blogger account for free.