Burned Out? Trying Emerging!

Alex McManus has this to say about the Emerging Church:

“Mosaic is different from the ‘Emerging Church’ not just in terms of ambition, ethnicity, and mission, but also in attitude and thinking. Many of those who take on the mantle of the Emerging Church seem to me to be burned out Church leaders who needed to bail on a Christianity that offered pat but empty answers. I consider this a good move.”

Wow, he has hit the nail on the head. In many ways the emerging church has been a refuge for those who no longer find the life of God in church. The major difference is that some stay away from church, others jump right into alternative forms of church, and still others end up in some kind of emerging-hybrid.

While I like the emerging church stuff in many ways, I think the future of Christianity lies more in two areas:

1. Simple Churches that focus on gathering around Jesus.
2. Missional churches that are simple and focus on bringing Jesus into a particular context.

That is what I’m wrestling with right now.

6 thoughts on “Burned Out? Trying Emerging!

  1. Bill Danusiar

    Ed, I think you’re getting close to reality in your first statement " Simple Churches that focus on gathering around Jesus".
    Please let me paraprhase that statement "Simple bible studies that reveal who Jesus really was."
    OK, I eliminated "churches". That points to "religion" ( man trying to reach up to God or "relinking".) After all, isn’t it relationship that God wants? The truth is that we can’t reach up, but God reached down to save us by sacrificing Jesus for our sins. That’s the Gospel ( the GOOD NEWS ). It’s an old verse but it’s worth revisiting and praying about. ( John 3:16 ), and telling others.

  2. Ed Post author

    The irony is how easily things become complicated.

    I agree, it is all about relationship when it comes to God. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Ben


    I disagree about your removal of the word ‘church’. It’s God’s will that, in this present time, we gather as his people, right? He wants us to be in relationship with each other, not just with him (although our relationship with him is the saving one and the one from which all others flow). ‘Simple Bible studies that reveal who Jesus was’ seems to emphasise an individual relationship with God, rather than corporate. Any thoughts?

  4. Bill

    Let me reverse your statements.
    "Simple Bible studies that reveal who Jesus was seems to emphasise an individual relationship with God, rather than corporate. Any thoughts?"
    "(although OUR relationship with Him is the SAVING ONE and the one from which all others flow)."
    You’re right on!
    It is our personal relationship with Jesus by faith that must be first, then corporate fellowship. Both are biblical, but I find too many people clinging to their "religion" rather than to Jesus.

  5. Ed Post author

    I guess I don’t see how a simple Bible study emphasizes individualism, unless you need to add the qualifier simple "group" Bible studies.

    Of course personal Bible study falls short of God’s intention for a unified group of followers (to avoid the word church again). So I think we all agree . . . right?

    The word "church" is fairly loaded with assumptions. Sometimes it helps to be more specific by removing it and focusing on the practices of the church/people of God.

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