Lowell Lake

After work last night we drove up to Lowell Lake just east of Londonderry to meet my father-in-law and bro-in-law. They generously let Julie and I paddle around in their canoe while they hiked around the lake.

It’s a curious little place. There are many old cabins that are no longer occupied since it’s a state park. But the park service has not been able to do a whole lot up there yet. So it’s kind of like a creepy little ghost cabin town in the mountains. Well, not really. Maybe it just felt that way because it was dark.

We didn’t manage to explore the whole lake, but we saw quite a bit. The water is clear and seems clean enough. Magic Mountain looms immediately to the east and the grassy ski slopes scar its landscape of pine trees. Magic Mountain is so steep that I can’t imagine anything less than black diamonds there.

Eating dinner, canoeing, and swimming up at Lowell Lake was the best thing I could have imagined doing after work. People wait for their week of vacation to do stuff like this. We can hike, swim, or kayak on our weekends and weeknights. By the way, yes, we did just purchase kayaks this past weekend. Pictures and the story are coming soon.

This weekend we are returning to my mother land: Philadelphia. It’s funny what you end up missing about a place. Of course you miss family and friends, but I’m thinking of regional things that you would do. I thought I would miss sports and the convenience of shopping. I thought I would miss Borders. But I don’t. I have found adequate substitutes up here or in the case of sports, just found other things to do.

I ended up missing the places that Julie and I would go together such as the Bucks County section of the Delaware river. I miss disc golf at Tinicum park, riding bikes on the river trail, and crossing over to the NJ side to go into towns like Stockton. It was fun to ride your bike from town to town.

But once you get past the high standard of living and the absence of jobs with an adequate salary, Vermont is a tremendous place to live. I never thought that I would enjoy it so much.