The Benefits of Traveling Via Rail

We took the train down to Philadelphia today from Albany in order to pick up a station wagon from my mom. We are going to follow it will a blitz tour of family and then a day down the shore in New Jersey.

The station wagon will enable us to transport junk all over, but the chief reason is for our kayaks and our rabbits. There is no limit now to the traveling capabilities of our rabbits . . . kind of.

It was my first trip on a long-distance train, Amtrak this time. I spent the entire trip comparing it to plane travel.

On the plus side you can walk around whenever you want. There are no seat belts, and you can basically carry your luggage with you as you go. Check in is easy. You rarely wait in line. And the clincher for me was the snack car. Not just peanuts and soda. We’re talking about salads, sandwiches, cinnamon buns, bagels, cocktails, beer, iced tea.

Of course the car rocks a little, making it a little tough to walk a straight line. But I can’t really think of any other draw backs.