Manchester Has the Worst Dunkin’ Donuts

It’s official. Manchester, Vermont has the worst Dunkin’ Donuts franchise in the world. Why, you ask?

– There’s two less people working there than what is necessary to operate a DD.
– The coffee is therefore always running out. They’re always trying to make it. A sin at DD.

So I blame it on the management.

I have always seen long lines in there, even though the parking lot was virtually empty. I guess local thugs ran off with their cars while they were detained inside.

After five minutes of standing in place this morning I decided to run off to Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts . . . right where I should have gone in the first place.

Mrs. Murphy’s has equally good coffee and much better donuts. The local flavor is great. It’s got the “locals section” with all the fellers and ladies hangin’ out and yuckin’ it up.