Be the Church

“Be the Church.” This is a simple phrase that I will be tossing around here quite a bit. This single concept will be driving many of my future posts.

I have been on a four year pilgrimmage of sorts. It has taken me outside of the traditional church and has been a search for church, whatever it is.

For now I’ll leave you with this:

What comes into your mind first you think of “Church”?

What comes into God’s mind first when thinking of “Church”?

I may be presumptuous here, but I think this is a good place to start.

5 thoughts on “Be the Church

  1. zane anderson

    Can we be what we already are? Sure can and we must. We are the church!

    The original word here is even used for the mob in the book of Acts. It’s nontechnical but recieves meaning when it is the church or assembly of Jesus or "church of God."

    Can one person be a church or the church? Not in the NT sense, imho. Some would argue, I know, but the meaning expresses a plurality and thus the word isn’t available to sanction those who "go solo."

    Brother, may the Lord bless your understanding as you continue to follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

  2. Laura

    I’m in flux. Two opposite notions come to mind. One is the physical gathering place, the institutional structure. The other notion is the gathered/gathering people of God (wherever it is we may gather). Despite the knowledge that the building is not the church, the idea has been planted in my soul for decades and such things are not easily removed.

    I think what comes to God’s mind gathered/gathering people of God. The images in Ephesians and other Pauline letters paint an amazing picture of God’s perspective.

  3. Ed Post author

    Thanks for wrestling with this Laura. I agree, God sees his people.

    And here is where I’m struggling: I think it’s harder to be or live as the church than to just gather for an hour on Sunday.

    Where do we usually fail? I’d say we often fail to live as the church, and that takes a toll on our gatherings.

    However we interact or spend time with other Christians, the point is to be the church when with them . . . whatever that leads us to do. Sometimes the time will be spent in worship or in sacred practices, but on other occasions it means just hanging out together.

    Does that sound way too out there?

  4. Laura

    Part of me started to freak out–what, no BIBLE INPUT?? (that would be the fairly-happy-member-of-a-92-year-old-baptist church part)

    the other part of me breathed deeply and said, Ahhh.

    …still processing…

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