Four Years Later

On a warm September day four years ago in Newport, VT Julie and I said “I do” . . . and we haven’t agreed on a thing since.

Not really. That’s just a veiled reference to a movie I used to like.

But Julie and I really were married four years ago in Newport, VT. We had a rockin’ good time at the wedding, though everything flew by.

We had a nice outdoor ceremony with some backstreet boys playing off in the distance at a house around the corner. My friend Dave was nice enough to tell them to shut it.

Dave (scientist that he is) also won the prize for running into our reception during the dancing to proclaim “Aurora Borealis! Aurora Borealis!” That’s right, the northern lights showed up during our reception. We took it to be a nice nod from our Creator who approved of our union.

Also of note was Julie’s cousins’ band who rocked all night. We asked for classic rock . . . and they delivered.

Most weddings have DJ’s who play the same crap music. The cha cha (not worthy of capitalization), the electric slide, hey yah (however that’s spelled), even the hokey pokey. It’s just thumping junk with a beat. We wanted real music with guitars, drums, and a good amount of creativity. Having it live was even better.

Happy Anniversary Jules! I’m glad we’re back in Vermont together.