$455 Can Get You One of These . . .

Blogging will soon move from my little slab of an office back to the living room soon thanks to a ridiculously good offer on a Lenovo (using the IBM ThinkPad) Notebook computer.

Check out the offer here if you’re interested: buy.com. Good until Sept. 30th.

With submission of a $200 rebate and signing up for a buy.com Visa, I was able to take $230 off the price.

The specs on this Lenovo are decent. The reviews generally said they were suspect of it, but pleasantly surprised by its performance and speed.

It received low marks in areas such as design, gaming, and multimedia functions: all things I’m not too worried about.

We wanted something that could boot up fast, run programs fast, give a long battery life, and enable us to do some basic word processing and blogging. With those features in mind, this new lappy is looking pretty good.

Our old lappy with the bum screen is still humming along, a bit slowly and in one place, but it’s still humming. So it will get the job done up in the office as our #2 computer. We’ll probably just run it into the ground.